Open Faced Tuna Melts

My husband and son love tuna fish sandwiches. They eat them almost every Sunday as a quick and easy lunch before our family Sunday dinner. I decided to elevate their favorite lunch a bit and turn it into these open face tuna melts. These sandwiches are made with toasted french bread that’s topped with a flavorful tuna mixture and grated cheese. Then they’re popped under the broiler to melt the…

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The perfect snickerdoodle needs to be super soft in the middle with thin, slightly crispy edges. These cookies have both and are my family’s favorite! This recipe has a “secret” ingredient that you don’t find in most snickerdoodle recipes- shortening. The addition of both butter and shortening is what gives these cookies the best texture. My kids devour these whenever I make them!…

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Bars/ Dessert

Yummy Bars

AKA- Scotcharoos! As a kid, everytime we went to Idaho to visit my grandparents, my grandma always had a pan of these bars on her counter. All of my cousins, aunts and uncles grew up calling them Yummy Bars and so that’s what I thought they were called. It wasn’t until I was an adult that I found out that everyone else calls them Scotcharoos. Now as a mom, I…

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Dinner/ Salad

Chicken Salad Croissants

These sandwiches are one of my favorite things to make for get-togethers like family parties, wedding showers, and baby showers. They’re also great for an easy, make-ahead dinner. If you’re busy you can make the filling the day before and then assemble the sandwiches right before serving. Serve them on large croissants as a main dish or serve them on mini croissants for a smaller munch and mingle dish. Below…

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