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Great Apple Pie in a Bag

When I married Tyler, not only did I get the best husband ever, but I got the best apple pie recipe ever! Is that cheesy enough? Haha! But seriously though, during our first year of marriage, I got this recipe from Tyler’s mom and now it’s the only apple pie I ever make. If you’ve never made a pie before, or if making pies is a daunting task for you,…

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Dessert/ Pie

Chocolate Chess Pie

When we first opened Crust Club we made and sold this pie for a brief period of time. When I made this pie again tonight for our family, Tyler asked, “why aren’t we making and selling this pie??? It’s so good!” The main reason is while this pie is super easy to make, it is a little fragile and isn’t really suited for our deliveries and for traveling. So since…

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