Breakfast/ Cake

Coffee Cake

One of my favorite things to do, especially in the Fall, is to get up early on a Saturday or Sunday morning, and bake this Coffee Cake before anyone wakes up. The house is quiet and peaceful and it’s pure bliss baking in the quiet hours of the morning. The best part is the warm, delicious cinnamon smell that fills my house as my family starts to wake up. This…

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Breads/ Breakfast

Pumpkin Patch Muffins

It’s that time of year, Fall is in the air and I’m starting all of my favorite Fall baking. It’s the BEST time of year! My kitchen is full of the yummy smells of of Fall- nutmeg, cinnamon, pumpkin- and it makes me so happy! These muffins are the perfect treat to start off the season. They are so soft and moist and full of flavor. My secret to making…

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Dinner/ Salad

Chinese Chicken Tossed Salad

Some of my favorite recipes have come from my mother-in-law and this is one of them. This is probably my favorite salad recipe of all-time and it’s always my go-to when I need to make a salad to take somewhere. Not only is this a great salad to take to get-togethers, but I like making it for my family for dinner. The original recipe does not call for bowtie pasta.…

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Tomato Basil Chicken Pasta

Out of all of the meals I make, this one is Tyler’s fav. He loves it because it’s fresh, flavorful, filling, and best of all pretty healthy. This pasta is made with simple, fresh ingredients and it’s one of those meals that you feel good about eating and serving to your family. Even my picky eaters will eat it, even if they’re just picking out the noodles.…

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Plum Bread

I found this recipe in my mom’s collection of recipes years ago and it immediately piqued my interest. I knew I had to make it! My mom got this recipe from her mom, and my grandma used to make it all of the time back in the 1970s. My mom loved this bread growing up, and now I make it for my family and we love it too! This bread…

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